at my friends place

2008-06-05 11:52:04 by D-samourai

wow its my first time posting a message from my friends place. kind of weid no? posting shit from an other pc. it just... doesn't feel right... ah well its just to fill time while he's "krulling". lol
greets almost under influence d-samourai.

celebs on NG

2008-06-03 08:59:02 by D-samourai

just wondering but are their celebs who are member of NG??? or celebs who visit NG a lot? that would be cool like if chuck norris surfed to NG every day to watch some flash or so...
funny... if you think about it... and what about the pope? or G. W. Bush? or like the king of belgium? i would realy like to know this... lol

the NG history

2008-06-03 07:59:35 by D-samourai

I know there aren't a lot of you guy's interested in reading sh*t but if you like newgrounds you realy have to check out the NG history page in the "Lit" section. Its like a tale about the history of a country or something. Tom our main caracter tries to make something in life and starts this thingy with his bro and later he meets some other dudes and they like work with him and now he has like one of the BEST sites ever made. he's like a hero in some i eyes i guess. well if i ever met him, i would definetly ask for his blessing lol
well i guess thats everyone's goal, to start something and see it grow. It's just the same with children i guess... you make em and watch em grow. off course you help them a little on the way.
But NG didn't only depend on 2 people like with a child but on the whole web community if no one ever visited NG the site would fail and Tom his dream would have chattered.
I for one am very glad it didn't. If newgrounds where offline i would probebly join the "" community like one of my friends. and man is that a misserable site or what? Here we have a whole community, with flash, music, forums, its own personal hero's like the tankmen, AH, Joe zombie,... This site is unmatchable. and i want to thank Tom and Wade for that, also Jim,Ross and Tim for making the site like it is now. and thank you for housing idiots like me who think there post is going to found by an other living person...
greets D-samourai AKA belgian mofo


2008-05-29 04:21:31 by D-samourai

ah here in school i've always got time to write stuff on my ng-blog. Now i've got some exams comming up the 10th so thats going to be a great deal. Guess i won't be visiting to mutch of ng then. But i'll be moniring the tankmen posts... i love those guys. I've even got my wallpaper tankmenned, and my internetbrowser is tankmen-style. Its just that those guys knock me up every time i see those movies. It used to be those clayman movies from knox like trapper and "sneaky" but now i've got a huge tankman addiction. There is more shit on ng that i like a lot tho, like those brackenwood series thats great too or the joe zombie movies a while ago those were fantastic, but we've moved on and so did the animations... tankman i salute you!!!!

noir is great!!!

2008-05-28 16:04:59 by D-samourai

who doesn't want to smoke a sig and sit in a chair with a hat on? who doesn't want to make money by chasing and hunting down killers and perps the police can't handle? who doesn't want to go back to a place where men where still men? well in the noir classic movies, this was still at order. Ow i wish to go back to the time of black and white, it would be great, good vs bad or bad vs bad but there bad could win to...

noir is great!!!